Fiorella Flores is Manager of EY Law, her professional practice has been mainly oriented to the field of Civil, Commercial and Labor Law. She has been a litigating lawyer in civil, commercial, administrative and labor litigation cases. She has also had to work as an attorney in Arbitration proceedings, mainly related to the interpretation and execution of commercial and real estate contracts. She has participated as an advisor in matters related to the Law of Promotion of Competition and Effective Defense of the Consumer, which has led her to represent clients before the administrative and judicial authorities against consumer complaints, as well as complaints against unfair competitors.

As an advisor in Labor Law, her experience has been extensive not only in the defense of companies in labor litigation, but also as an advisor to Human Resources Departments of prestigious national companies. She has extensive experience in the study of the characteristics and needs of companies, in order to guide them in the drafting of employment contracting models that adjust to jobs, implementation of manuals and internal disciplinary procedures that promote a work structure where an efficient productivity and a healthy environment are complemented. She has advised and represented several companies in labor procedures in administrative headquarters, exercising their own resources for a correct defense. In the same way and as part of her professional development in Law she has participated as a lawyer in labor processes at the jurisdictional level, as well as in administrative disciplinary procedures, in which her participation ranges from the previous study of each case to the effect of defining the defense strategy, as well as the procedural direction, exercising the resources and procedural means up to the terms of each process.

Her training in Alternative Resolution of Conflicts has allowed her to use this mechanism in the solution of disputes between companies and workers, always with the aim of ending the conflicts from an economic perspective and benefit of both parties.

Fiorella Flores graduated with a mention of Honor "CUM LAUDE PROBATUS" as a Lawyer in the Escuela Libre de Derecho.

University of Costa Rica. Graduated with honors as a Commercial Law Specialist. University of Salamanca, Spain. Graduate degree in Civil Law, (Tort Law)


Costa Rica

Telephone: +506 2208-9800