Senior Manager

Julio is a Senior Manager in the Law services. He has more than 15 years of relevant experience in financial sector regulated market in Dominican Republic.

 A high results oriented executive that has managed different positions in public and private sector, related to regulated financial services, including CEO for an Funds Management firm and Director for financial services regulated both banking and securities sub -sectors. He has been proposed twice as Securities sector Superintendent by the National Securities Council (2009 and 2012).

 He participated co-leading the most important law indicatives in the last 10 years for financial sector regulations as Financial and Monetary, Fiduciary, Securities Market laws, among others as well as regulations for Financial Consumer, Credit Cards and other important rules for both banking and securities markets. 

DR of Jurisprudence PUCMM (2000), MBA FIU (2014), FIBA Anti Money Laundering Certified Associate, FIU (2108).


Dominican Republic

Phone Number: +809 472-3973